"James should be a protected species or something!" (Client since 2005)

"Well done!!!  You are, as always, awesome, Just awesome."  (Client since 2017)

"James has common sense, is hard-working, thorough, resourceful, always available 24/7, and invariably brings useful and intelligent strategic insights.  And, as we have seen on more than one occasion, he is prepared to go the extra mile to protect his clients.  We have no hesitation in recommending him to his clients and to our own.  We should point out that this letter was not solicited from us by James, but was offered by us to him as acknowledgement of his excellent work for his client in a recent matter." (Partner, Olswang)

"I am the client referred to by Olswang [see above].  I have seen their letter and have no hesitation in endorsing everything they say about James.  He is excellent."  (Client since 2007)

“What I especially appreciate about working with James is that when I most needed his assistance, at a very delicate time in my life, he dropped everything to be there for me and did his utmost in a very difficult situation.  You could say he literally saved my life.  For that, I will forever be grateful."  (Client since 2011)

"I have worked with James on several sensitive and confidential projects and every time he has delivered. He always keeps his word (an increasingly rare commodity), maintains confidentiality under every circumstance and is a pleasure to work with."  (Professional services supplier since 2015)

"James has turned out to be one of the most remarkable people I have ever come across.  His abilities seem limitless.  He can be daringly funny, and he has a degree of kindness and concern for his clients that is rarely found in others.  Once you get to know him, don't let go of him. He'll be there for you all the way, as he has been for me for many, many years."  (Client since 1999)

“What I like about James’s approach is that he can always be trusted to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas.  On one project which was the culmination of two year’s sensitive work by him for me in UK and abroad he came up with a solution that was the precise opposite of what I had expected.  But I went with his proposal and I’m glad I did because he successfully created a substantial and unanticipated fortune for me and my family.”  (Client since 2009)

“I just wanted to add my thanks to those of our charity’s other trustee.  We are equally in awe of what you managed to achieve for us in just 180 seconds. We were at the tail end of our event with our guests expected to depart over the next 30-45 minutes. And then you stood up on your chair and made your amazingly well-crafted, perfectly-pitched, impromptu, spontaneous appeal. And the crowd loved what you said and responded with amazing generosity. In 180 seconds, you doubled our take. Perhaps the next time you do something as wonderful as this, the fact that you have helped us raise the annual running costs for six of our schools (900 children) might help you cope with the pre-moment stress!”  (A charity trustee)

"I don't know how you ever managed to do that, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.' (Client since 2011)

"You've made this the happiest night of my life.  It was even better than my wedding."  (Client since 2012)

“I would like to give my friend and ghost-writer James Johnstone all due credit and my eternal gratitude for working with me for hours, days and months to bring this book about. Without James’s patience and encouragement this would not have been possible. He has proved throughout the many years I have known him that he is not only a good and loyal friend but also one of the most capable men I have met in my life, able to turn his hand to anything.”  (Client since 2008)

"Having used the services of James Johnstone Ltd for some 4 years now, I have to commend him for his excellent work.  Ever patient, even though I know I drove him to distraction sometimes, James demonstrates the professional face of property in the best possible manner."  (Client since 2010)

"James Johnstone is a man with an amazing range of knowledge and he has the ability to analyse and solve difficult problems quickly and efficiently.  I wholeheartedly recommend him".  (Client since 2005)

"It is always an absolute pleasure to work with James on projects.  He has a vivid imagination, great style and military precision, brings clarity to every point and works tirelessly until each job is completed to perfection." (Supplier since 2003)