As Fixers, we take on complex projects – either intense short-term matters or complicated long-term issues – that require a high degree of bespoke input, decision-making, discretion and, most importantly, trust. We are often asked to deal with extremely personal issues that our clients – for good reasons – are perhaps unable or unwilling to discuss with their spouse, family, friends, colleagues, lawyers or other trusted advisors.  We operate around the world and our contact base of service providers is made up of the directors and owners of those businesses with whom we deal in person.  Thus the service is very much a personal one.

By contrast, concierges and concierge companies have vast numbers of staff handling large numbers of very similar requests – usually online or by phone – from numerous ‘anonymised’ clients which are mostly about dining, entertainment, accommodation or travel.

Confidentiality and discretion are at the very core of our service.  Many of our clients move in the same circles and the vast majority of our work has come from them through word of mouth. A breach that trust would be the end of the business.

Open Book Policy

We operate an Open Book Policy, so that except where discretion or anonymity are required for your benefit, we share all information about our work with our suppliers and subcontractors with you.  Whatever we know, you know.

We  always present all supplier invoices to our clients so that our client can pay direct, unless they specifically ask us to handle the payment for them.  Likewise we keep copies of meetings, phonecalls and emails.

Best Price Policy

Anything that we buy on your behalf will be the same price or less expensive than if you bought it yourself.  We only charge for the service we provide.  Thanks to the trade discounts we receive, in many cases we are cost neutral or less expensive than if you were to do puchase the same service/product yourself.  So, we can save you the time and hassle, and possibly the expense, of doing it yourself.

You can engage us in one of the following ways:

On a PROJECT basis to address a single issue involving a specific request or problem, be it short- or long-term.  For example, this could range from a quick corporate investigation to a 10-month project for a major event.

On an PERMANENT basis to help with whatever you wish.

Fees are determined after discussing with our clients which option is the most appropriate for the work they require.  This is usually an hourly rate, an agreed percentage or a contingency/success fee for matters where there is a defined outcome. 

However, for the handful of clients who pay us monthly and require asistance with a number of matters, we provide an ‘on call’ service. Payment is monthly in advance and no notice period is required for termination, though for obvious reasons 60 days’ notice is always appreciated.

Depending on the client’s requirement, the fee options are:

  • Our monthly ‘on call’ contract, which starts from £12,000pm
  • Hourly fees are £300ph
  • A fixed percentage (usually the industry standard for that particular project)
  • A retainer fee and a success fee for property purchases, rentals or sales (the success fee will always be 20% lower than the industry standard)
  • Success-based fees where there is a clearly defined outcome


per diem of £1,000 is charged for overnight stays outside London or for trips abroad.

VAT (currently 20%) is charged when applicable.

The ‘on call’ fee covers our work and all our office expenses.  Any other necessary expenses we incur are cleared with the client first.

We’re very good at what we do, but we can’t do the impossible, even though some clients believe otherwise!  However we always try to provide an innovative solution to achieve the same outcome.  That’s why we have a well-deserved reputation for thinking outside the box.

Unlike the fixers seen in the movies, we don’t do anything immoral, illegal or unethical. 

We don’t do anything boring.  Life’s just too short.

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