I provide three core services:

  • I resolve problems and/or realise desires that clients are unable or unwilling to deal with themselves;
  • I make the things my clients do in their lives much more interesting, memorable, lasting, valuable and enjoyable;
  • I am a trusted advisor, and I give advice and assistance based on 33 years' experience.


James Johnstone             (c) Lee Christiansen

James Johnstone             (c) Lee Christiansen

"This man can solve any problem you throw at him" - Tatler


Direct contact:


T:  +44 777 444 5020



I was called to the Bar in 1993 and practised as a barrister.  In 1999 I established my business as a Fixer and for the past 18 years I have worked on hundreds of wildly different projects on every single continent including Antartica. 

My business specialises in handling complex requests for corporates and individuals at the highest level across an unusually broad spectrum of services.

These requests range from the extremely urgent to the long-term, and cover everything you can possibly imagine, as described in the WHAT section.  I am not a specialist, merely a master at being Jack-of-all-trades.

I am brought in because the client either doesn't know where to start, or doesn't wish to handle the project themselves.  Almost all my work comes through recommendation.  I am entrusted with incredibly personal projects because of my reputation, experience, ability, imagination and above all discretion.

I work for princes and presidents, billionaires and businessmen, celebrities and collectors, families and foundations, companies and charities.  They come from every corner of the world.

The service I offer depends on the nature of the request:

  • I handle the work entirely in-house, or
  • I select and then manage the team and the project, or
  • I introduce an appropriate solution provider

To be able to achieve this, I recruit and maintain an extensive network in the UK and abroad.  It includes individuals and organisations covering the widest range of possible requirements.  I aim to select the best service providers in their class, and this often means they are not one of the best known brand names.

I firmly believe that a key element of my and my company's service is to resolve each request in a way which enhances my clients' reputation. Simply put, great work makes them look great.

To summarise all the above in one phrase: 

When you need something done and you don't know where to start, you call me.


"James has common sense, is hard-working, thorough, resourceful, always available 24/7, and invariably brings useful and intelligent strategic insights.  And, as we have seen on more than one occasion, he is prepared to go the extra mile to protect his clients.  We have no hesitation in recommending him to his clients and to our own.  We should point out that this letter was not solicited from us by James, but was offered by us to him as acknowledgement of his excellent work for his client in a recent matter." (Partner, Olswang)